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Hays: Your Premier Retail Destination

Hays, Kansas, attracts retail shoppers from a wide area due to its strategic location and a mix of national chain stores and local shops. Boasting the second-highest pull factor in Kansas, Hays is an ideal spot for retail businesses. Successful brands like Hobby Lobby, Home Depot, and Ashley Furniture have thrived here.

Retail space is available along the bustling Vine St. corridor, including Centennial Plaza, Big Creek Crossing, and other prime locations featuring both existing buildings and greenfield sites.

The Downtown Historical District/Chestnut Street District offers a unique boutique shopping experience with a variety of spaces available and ongoing building renovations.

Explore our retail opportunities and see why Hays is the perfect place for your business. Visit us today!

Discover the vibrant retail landscape in Hays and take advantage of the numerous opportunities for your business to grow and succeed in this thriving community.

Unlock Prime Retail Spaces in Hays

Hays offers a variety of prime retail locations, including the bustling Vine St. corridor, Centennial Plaza, and Big Creek Crossing. These areas provide a mix of existing buildings and greenfield sites, offering flexible options for businesses looking to establish or expand their presence. With high visibility and accessibility, these locations are perfect for attracting a steady stream of customers.

Experience the Charm of Downtown Hays

The Downtown Historical District, also known as the Chestnut Street District, provides a unique boutique shopping atmosphere that sets Hays apart. This area features a variety of spaces available for lease, along with ongoing renovations to enhance the shopping experience. Retailers in this district benefit from a vibrant, walkable environment that attracts both locals and visitors, making it an ideal spot for boutique shops and specialty stores.


Hays’ Retail Magnetism & Revenue Growth

Retail Revenue

Retail Sales Revenue

Pull Factor

The retail pull factor measures how much retail business is retained within a community compared to its population. A pull factor of 1 is neutral, indicating an equal number of shoppers coming into and leaving the community. A pull factor below 1 means more people are leaving the community to shop elsewhere, while a pull factor above 1 indicates more people are coming into the community to shop.

The City of Hays boasts a pull factor of 1.74, one of the highest in Kansas. This high pull factor is attributed to Hays’ strategic location, excellent access, presence of national chain stores, and a unique downtown shopping experience, making it a retail hub for western Kansas shoppers.

Over recent years, Hays has seen significant growth in retail sales. Its prime location and diverse shopping options continue to attract a large number of visitors, solidifying Hays as a premier shopping destination.


Frequently Asked Questions

What types of retail spaces are available in Hays?

Hays offers a variety of retail spaces, including locations along the Vine St. corridor, Centennial Plaza, Big Creek Crossing, and unique boutique spaces in the Downtown Historical District/Chestnut Street District.

Why is Hays an ideal location for retail businesses?

Hays boasts a high retail pull factor of 1.66, drawing shoppers from a wide area due to its strategic location, excellent access, and diverse mix of national chain and local stores.

What is the retail pull factor, and why is it important?

The retail pull factor measures the attractiveness of a community’s retail sector. A factor above 1 indicates more shoppers are coming into the community than leaving, which is a positive sign for retail businesses.

How has the retail sector in Hays grown in recent years?

Hays has experienced significant growth in retail sales, driven by its strategic location, diverse shopping options, and strong community support, making it a premier shopping destination.

What amenities and features are available in retail spaces in Hays?

Retail spaces in Hays offer a range of amenities, including high visibility, accessibility, ample parking, modern infrastructure, and a supportive business environment.

How does the Downtown Historical District enhance the retail experience in Hays?

The Downtown Historical District provides a unique shopping atmosphere with beautifully restored buildings, boutique stores, and a vibrant cultural scene, attracting both locals and visitors.

What support does Grow Hays offer to retail businesses?

Grow Hays provides various forms of support to retail businesses, including business development resources, community partnerships, promotional efforts, and assistance with finding suitable retail spaces.

How can I apply for retail space in Hays?

Interested businesses can contact Grow Hays or visit their website to inquire about available retail spaces and the application process for leasing.

What are some successful retail brands in Hays?

Successful retail brands in Hays include Hobby Lobby, Home Depot, and Ashley Furniture, among others, which have thrived due to the city’s strong retail environment and high pull factor.










Retail Trade Areas in Hays

As evidenced by our impressive 1.66 retail pull factor, the City of Hays attracts shoppers from a vast region due to its strategic location and a diverse mix of national chain and local stores. The expanded shopping area, highlighted in blue, showcases our regional influence. According to 2016 data:

  • Population: 75,036
  • Number of Households: 32,873
  • Median Household Income: $44,701
  • Total Retail Sales: Over $1 billion

These figures, calculated using the Magnify software package and Reilly’s Law, demonstrate Hays’ significant retail reach and economic impact.


Number of Households

Median Household Income

Total Retail Sales

Hays Traffic Count Information

Hays and the surrounding area supports a number
of successful national retail chains.

Discover Historic Downtown Hays

Hello and welcome to Downtown Hays! Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a long-time friend, explore and learn about the vibrant happenings in Historic Downtown Hays.

The Downtown Hays Development Corporation (DHDC) works tirelessly with its Executive Director, Executive’s Assistant, Fort Hays State University interns, and dedicated committees of community volunteers and local business leaders. Our efforts have been both challenging and rewarding, resulting in beautifully restored buildings and the addition of new and relocated businesses that enhance our community.

Our mission remains steadfast: The Downtown Hays Development Corporation (DHDC) aims to foster awareness and promote Downtown Hays as a dynamic hub of commerce, recreation, arts, government, and history, serving the people of Hays, the surrounding region, and visitors worldwide. DHDC works to prevent deterioration and enhance the viability of cultural centers, historical landmarks, and public infrastructure crucial to the community’s economic and cultural well-being.

Downtown Hays offers a truly unique shopping experience with a diverse array of stores including maternity clothing, home decor, jewelry, furniture, and more. Visit the DHDC website to discover all that Downtown Hays has to offer:

Retail Survey Results

In 2015, Grow Hays conducted a Retail Survey with 1,287 respondents. The survey revealed that only 40% of shopping is done in Hays. The average overall shopping satisfaction, rated on a scale from 1 (negative) to 5 (positive), was 2.5. Below are the detailed survey results, with response counts in parentheses.

Towns Shopped at Outside of Hays

  • Salina (949)
  • Wichita (628)
  • Kansas City (524)
  • Topeka (199)
  • Denver (165)
  • Online (73)
  • Manhattan (58)
  • Garden City (42)

Items Purchased Outside of Hays

  • Clothing: All Types (1015)
  • Grocery/Food (256)
  • Housewares (175)
  • Shoes (183)
  • Bulk Items (86)
  • Sporting Goods (73)
  • Home Decor (72)
  • Electronics (53)

Top 15 Desired Retail Stores for Hays

  • Target (776)
  • Kohls (534)
  • Old Navy (314)
  • Dillards (149)
  • Sam’s Club (135)
  • Marshalls (105)
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods (104)
  • Victoria’s Secret (99)
  • Gordmans (95)
  • TJ Maxx (90)
  • Whole Foods (47)
  • Menards (45)
  • Bed, Bath & Beyond (44)
  • Ross Dress for Less (41)
  • Aldi (41)

Stores Shopped at Outside of Hays

  • Target (709)
  • Kohls (564)
  • Sam’s Club/Costco (363)
  • Old Navy (323)
  • Dillards (269)
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods (179)
  • Marshalls (140)
  • Victoria’s Secret (137)
  • TJ Maxx (123)
  • Gordmans (111)
  • Menards (92)
  • Cabela’s (76)
  • Bed, Bath, and Beyond (75)
  • Ross Dress for Less (68)
  • Macy’s (66)
  • American Eagle (62)
  • Justice (61)
  • Gap (52)
  • Children’s Place (50)
  • Whole Foods (49)

Top 15 Desired Restaurants for Hays

  • Olive Garden (572)
  • Red Lobster (288)
  • Buffalo Wild Wings (246)
  • Chili’s (176)
  • Panera Bread (128)
  • Logan’s/Texas Roadhouse (119)
  • Chick-fil-A (105)
  • Old Chicago (86)
  • Spangles (60)
  • Chipotle (59)
  • Outback Steakhouse (57)
  • Red Robin (57)
  • Longhorn Steakhouse (52)
  • Cracker Barrel (49)
  • Five Guys Burgers and Fries (48)

Sector or Store Type Missing in Hays

  • Clothing: All types (666)
  • Healthy Foods/Organic/Wholesome (304)
  • Italian (203)
  • Steakhouse (144)
  • Seafood (141)
  • Ethnic (not Italian or Mexican) (68)
  • Sporting Goods (52)
  • Department Store (44)
  • Family Dining (44)
  • Fine Dining (39)
  • Bulk Items (39)
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