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Advancing Economic Health and Vitality in Hays

Grow Hays is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the economic health and vitality of Hays and its neighboring communities. With a strong legacy in fostering a robust local economy through business creation, retention, expansion, and recruitment, Grow Hays has been pivotal in numerous community achievements. Notable successes include the arrival of Hobby Lobby, the upcoming convention center, innovative job training initiatives, and the launch of BriefSpace, a co-working space and business incubator in downtown Hays. Additionally, Grow Hays oversees a housing redevelopment program and skilled-trade training programs for local workers.

Established in 1988 as the Ellis County Coalition for Economic Development, Grow Hays emerged during a challenging period marked by downturns in the agriculture and oil industries, along with the loss of a major employer. Community leaders united to create an organization aimed at revitalizing the local economy, leading to the formation of what is now known as Grow Hays.

Formed as a public/private partnership between Ellis County and its cities, Grow Hays is funded by Ellis County, the cities of Hays, Ellis, and Victoria, and private contributions. Our mission is clear: to drive economic growth and enhance the well-being of the community. Grow Hays collaborates with the community and businesses in several key areas, including affordable housing development, workforce development and training, grant writing, relocation assistance, start-up assistance, and business recruitment.

Grow Hays is committed to building and maintaining strong relationships with local, state, and federal organizations to bring essential resources and support to local businesses. We believe that as your business thrives, our community prospers.


Empowering Business, Building Community.

Core Values

Grow Hays exemplifies integrity, collaboration, commitment, effective communication, and confidentiality when needed.

Core Purpose

As a catalyst for economic expansion in Ellis County and surrounding areas, we focus on employment growth and wealth creation.

Core Goals

Our goals include retaining and expanding existing businesses, recruiting new businesses, and fostering a spirit of entrepreneurship in Ellis County and the surrounding regions.


Fostering Economic Growth Through Cooperative Partnerships

The Mission.

At Grow Hays, our mission is to enhance economic vitality and innovation to improve the community and quality of life for the citizens of Ellis County and the surrounding areas. Achieving these goals requires a collaborative effort between Ellis County, its cities, and Grow Hays. We are committed to developing partnerships at local, state, national, and international levels, driven by a shared desire to improve the Ellis County area. Our cooperative spirit and commitment to continuous improvement, teamwork, pride, and innovation are key to our vision of a prosperous future for Ellis County.

Cooperative Partnering Philosophy

Grow Hays is dedicated to advancing economic vitality and innovation by fostering cooperative partnerships at local, state, national, and international levels to enhance the community and quality of life in Ellis County and surrounding areas. By working together, we aim to drive economic and community development through continuous improvement, teamwork, pride, and a spirit of innovation.

Expansion of Existing Businesses

We are focused on the expansion of existing businesses and the aggressive pursuit of employment growth through business expansion, targeted business recruitment, and community commitment to provide incentives and infrastructure. Our focus is on industries that emphasize technology, high-speed connectivity, and higher wages, encouraging investments in downtown development, business parks, and investment properties.

Promotion of Quality of Life

We promote the outstanding quality of life in Ellis County, featuring excellent schools, a top-rated university, a world-renowned medical center, fantastic recreation, safe neighborhoods, rich history, vibrant art and culture, fun-filled events, great shopping, and a strong work ethic. These attributes make Ellis County an ideal place to live, learn, work, and play, attracting young professionals, families, and retirees alike.

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