Fueling Economic Growth, Empowering Communities

Grow Hays is your partner in business success!

Whether you are starting a new business, expanding an existing business, adding to your workforce, need to find financing, or just don’t know where to start on a problem, Grow Hays is here to assist.

Empowering your business journey

Providing comprehensive support for starting, expanding, and financing your business.

Building a thriving community

Offering essential resources for workforce development, property opportunities, and business networking.

Innovation & Entreprenuership

Promoting collaborative spaces, entrepreneurial support, and innovative solutions to drive growth.

Empowering Growth, Fostering Community

Our Purpose

At Grow Hays, our purpose is to drive economic growth and community development in Hays, Kansas. We are committed to empowering entrepreneurs, supporting existing businesses, and fostering an environment of innovation and collaboration. By providing essential resources, expert guidance, and a network of opportunities, we aim to create a thriving local economy where businesses and the community can flourish together.

Grow Hays

Hays, KS, 67601

Empowering continual growth

Our goal is to nurture Hays’ potential and build a thriving community!


Grow Hays’ 2023 GHI Annual Report is now available!

Discover the latest insights, achievements, and future plans in our comprehensive 2023 GHI Annual Report. Explore how Grow Hays is driving economic growth, supporting local businesses, and fostering community development. Get an in-depth look at our impact and the innovative initiatives shaping Hays’ future.

This report highlights key accomplishments, ongoing projects, and strategic plans that are propelling Hays towards a prosperous tomorrow.

Housing Rehab Program Update

After much discussion with the Housing Rehab Committee, Dane G. Hansen Foundation Board of Trustees, Grow Hays Board Members and area realtors, the maximum selling price has been raised to $175,000. This is done due to current housing situation.

If you have any questions or would like more information on the Housing Rehab Program, please call Doug or James at 785.628.3102.


The Team Behind Grow Hays

Doug Williams

Executive Director

Ernee Sly

Director of Operations

David Clingan

Director of Recruitment & Retention

James Robben

Director of Business Development & Special Projects

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